American Royal BBQ Sauce Contest Results 2017

This last week we found out the results of the first ever bbq sauce tasting contest we have entered. The American Royal Sauce Contest in Kansas City, sanctioned, I believe by the Kansas City BBQ Society.  According to them, 606 sauces were entered from all over the world, including ours.  We entered the Original Recipe into the vinegar based category and the Velvet into the Tomato Spicy Category. The Original Recipe got 24th out of 55 sauces. included in those entries were sauces from the likes of Guy Fieri, Meat Mitch, Sucklebusters (if you havent heard of the last two I highly recommend trying them out).  

The Velvet recipe got 101 out of 145, competing against the likes of Rufus Teague and so many others. That finish was a little disappointing but heres my excuse: Every title of sauce had some sort of variation of "Hot" "Spicy" "Fire" "Ghost Pepper" in the name. And while our sauces definitely have some spice, they are nothing like a hot sauce which seemed to be the winning combination for this category. 

Overall results based solely on total score holds our Original Sauce in the top 50 percentile out of 606 sauces, and I think we are pretty happy with that. 

Check out the results here: