Frequently asked questions


Where is your sauce made?

We brew and bottle our bbq sauce at Rock Creek Lakes Resort in California's Easter Sierras.  The resort's open season is generally around the end of May until the second week of October.

Rock Creek Lakes Resort

1 Upper Rock Creek Rd

Bishop, CA 93515

Do you guys have a restaurant?

Yes. We smoke meats and grill burgers at Rock Creek Lakes Resort in the open season.  The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch everyday during the June through October season. You can learn more here

Do You make sample size bottles for weddings and partys?

Yes we can fill just about any kind of small favor size bottles for your guests.  Send us a message with details about what you would like. We are happy to work with you.

Do you sell your sauce in bulk quantities?

Yes. We can sell sauce in what ever quantities that fit your needs.  Be it gallon size jugs for restaurant or catering use, or our usual 12oz bottles for handing out as gifts. If you would like to purchase sauce for resale please contact us for information.

Will you co-pack my bbq sauce for me?

No. Our operation is so small that we have a full time job keeping up with demand for our sauce.  Plus, doesn't that contradict our mission statement?