our Story

It started in the year 2011. 

Doug Miller had spent years experimenting with different styles of bbq sauces not realizing that his son Steve would soon pick up his passion for bbq and take it to the next level.  Steve had met the daughter of the owners of Rock Creek Lakes Resort, and together they invested themselves into the family business. The resort provided the perfect outlet for testing and developing sauce. It gave us the edge to break into the crowded sauce industry and offer something no one else does.    

The Miller family realized the sauce had developed a loyal following and that now, maybe it was time to take the next step.  2013 was officially our first year doing business as Miller & Son BBQ Sauce Brewing Co.  A family business with Doug, his wife Chalese, and the son Steve all equal partners in the endeavor. They competed in local circuits trying to promote the new company, using  family bbq techniques along side the Original Recipe BBQ Sauce. Steve also began the gradual process of introducing bbq into Rock Creek Lakes Resort's restaurant menu.  

The years following our inception have seen us continually producing the best sauce we can. We have expanded from one original product to now having two award winning sauces, two spice rubs, apparel, and stickers. You can find us in many stores around the Eastern Sierra in California. Each batch is brewed in a 20 gallon pot, which ends up filling approximately 150 12 oz. bottles (give or take a few). Each bottle is then labeled with the batch number written on it so you can find out exactly when it was bottled and how long it brewed for.

From Memorial weekend in May until the second week of October you can enjoy our bbq everyday at Rock Creek Lakes Resort.